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Canberra’s Newest Beauty Trend: Cosmetic Tattooing

Keeping up with the most recent developments in the aesthetics industry is crucial. Expert cosmetic tattooist Afra at Artistica Cosmetics combines years of dental experience with a keen eye for beauty to create lasting, beautiful tattoos that look completely natural. To maintain our reputation as Canberra's go-to cosmetic tattoo parlor, we only use the most up-to-date methods and premium pigments. The art of permanent makeup has progressed greatly, and the field itself is constantly developing.

Microblading is a popular technique that involves drawing individual hair-like strokes to create the appearance of full, natural brows. Afra's dedication to accuracy and meticulousness yields remarkably lifelike and captivating brows. Lip blushing, a semi-permanent makeup technique that alters lip color and improves lip shape and fullness, is another popular method. Afra's extensive training as an Orofacial Myologist has given her an exceptional grasp of facial anatomy, allowing her to produce tattoos that look completely natural.

If you're in Canberra and looking for the best cosmetic tattoo artists, your search can end with Artistica Cosmetics. Microblading for brows, lip tattoos, and eyeliner enhancements are all part of what we offer. Afra's extensive background in Healthcare and dexterity skills allow her to understand the preferences and needs of local clients and work to provide individualised solutions. Because of our unique approach to permanent makeup, we have become well-known as the go-to salon in Canberra. Permanent makeup not only showcases the skill of trained artists but also boosts self-esteem and attractiveness. Afra's ability to relate to customers and understand their needs is evidence of her commitment to providing consistently high-quality service.


Artistica Cosmetics uses cutting-edge methods and products in the cosmetic tattooing industry to stay ahead of the curve. Visit our cutting-edge clinic in Canberra today for a consultation and find out how our permanent makeup services can change your approach to beauty forever.