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Full Lip Tattoo

This cosmetic procedure involves using a fine needle to create tiny punctures in the lips, depositing pigments that suit your skin tone, complement your features, lip shape, and desired shade.

Unlike lip liner, lip tattoo aims to create a more permanent makeup solution and fills in the whole lip with pigment. With lip tattoo, you can create a fuller, more defined lip shape, correct asymmetry or unevenness in the lips, and enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled technicians will work with you to achieve your desired look, whether you prefer a natural-looking subdued lip colour or a bold shade that makes a statement.

Our hygienic and safe procedures ensure that you receive superior quality beauty services with minimal discomfort. With our lip tattoo, you can enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting lip colour that saves considerable time and effort in daily makeup routines.

Discover the Artística Cosmetics Experience

At Artística Cosmetics, we believe that a woman can unlock the true beauty of her lips with Full Tattoo technology. Experience the transcendent allure (long-lasting and elegant) in the expert hands of our technicians.

A Peeling Recipe for the Full Lip Tattoo

To acquire flawless lips, use our Full Lip Tattoo service. Our skilled practitioners use precision and finesse to puncture them with a fine needle so the pigments blend naturally. Unlike traditional lip liner techniques, it fills the entire lip with color, thus providing a more permanent form of makeup enhancement that aids rather than obscures your natural features.

Custom Brightening for the Whole Lip

Your lips are unique to you. This is why our approach in our lip outline tattoo service is one of personalized design. Whether you want to define your lip shape, balance out an asymmetrical facial feature, or add color to lips that are screaming out for some attention and help in making them pretty–our professional technicians work very closely alongside you. The choices are everywhere, from demure faint shades to dramatic super-dark vampire lips.

Safety and Comfort: Our Main Consideration

You are Artística Cosmetics’ number one concern. Do not worry–our methods adhere to the highest quality hygiene and safety standards. The experience is painless, and we guarantee you a comfortable experience. To ensure that the person getting a tattoo of their lips is pain-free, we use local anesthetic injections so you can relax and be prepared for the results.

Simple Beauty, Lasting Results

That which fades but doesn’t easily come off is apt to stay on the lips. With our lip tattoo in Canberra, you’ll enjoy the benefits of rich pigment that never dulls–an enduring full-color look! Feel free to show off your perfect lips, knowing that they are essentially effortless beauty.

Experience the Artística Difference

Artística Cosmetics invites you to adventure in beauty with the Full Lip Tattoo. Step into a world where anytime-sticks makeup art and every grin is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Make your appointment today and let your lips and Artística Cosmetics do the talking.

Please note that we use a local anaesthetic injection to ensure a completely pain-free tattoo procedure on your lips.