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Lip Liner Tattoo​

This cosmetic procedure involves depositing pigment into the outer edge of the lips to create the appearance of lip liner. The colour and intensity of the pigment can be customised to match the client’s desired lip colour, from a subtle nude shade to a bold red or any desired colour. In addition to providing a beautiful lip line, our technology can help create the appearance of fuller, more defined lips that last for years.

Say goodbye to the hassle of reapplying your lip liner throughout the day and say hello to stunning, long-lasting results.

In achieving long-lasting defined lip lines, eliminate the inconvenience of continually reapplying lipstick.

No reason to endure the tedium of repeatedly applying lip liner–it doesn’t matter. Now, you can have beautiful, permanently enhanced lips like our ancestors did.

Personalize to the Tiniest Detail

Some of the many reasons our clients choose us are that we permit any color of lipstick you want and can tailor your liner to any shade, be it a demure nude or a bold, make-a-statement red. Our well-trained staff will talk closely with each client and ensure that your natural features or personal style can complement your lip liner.

Perfecting by Contrast

Because our natural lip liner tattoo treatment does more than just enhance your lip color and definition. It creates the illusion of a fuller, more defined mouth. Using the very most up-to-date technology, we are highly skilled at shaping and lip-contouring the outline of your lips so that they appear slightly thicker and more sensual. You will get a pout that looks full–no fillers needed–with sharper edges without invasive procedures.

Peace of Mind

Above all else, our concern is the safety and comfort of our patrons at Artistica Cosmetics. To make cosmetic Lip Liner Tattoo and our other services as painless as possible, we can give you an injection of local anesthetic before the tattooing is started. We are always looking out for your safety, health, and comfort, so we do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with us goes as smoothly and pleasantly as possible.

Returns will be Automatically Made

Start every day with our natural lip liner tattoo–satisfy your desire for defined lips with only a small amount of maintenance. You have the freedom not to constantly retouch it, for long-wearing lip color is suitable anywhere, whether at work or on your way out to the opera.

Designing Lip Lines to Slim or Full?

If you’re ready to take advantage of these advances in beauty, why not opt for our black Lip Liner Tattoo? Schedule a consultation today at Artistica Cosmetics to see how long your professionally enhanced lips will last. We use local anaesthetic injection which makes the procedure absolutely pain free. And we are the only cosmetic tattoo clinic in Canberra that has that procedure.

Please note that we use a local anaesthetic injection to ensure a completely pain-free tattoo procedure on your lips.