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Understanding the Safety and Hygiene Measures in Cosmetic Tattooing: Trust Artistica Cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, cleanliness and safety are of the utmost importance. While offering only the finest in microblading, lip tattoos, and eyeliner enhancements, Artistica Cosmetics places a premium on your comfort and safety. Our Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist, Afra, is also a licenced Dental Practitioner with over 17 years of experience, so she always takes care to keep her Canberra clinic spotless and safe for her patients.

Our cutting-edge clinic follows strict cleaning and sterilisation protocols to ensure the health and safety of all our patients and staff. All of our needles and disposable gloves are disposed of properly after each session to prevent the spread of disease. Afra's wealth of healthcare experience ensures that only the most effective methods are used throughout the duration of care. In addition to adhering to established norms and regulations, Artistica Cosmetics educates clients on the benefits and drawbacks of cosmetic tattooing. During our in-depth consultations, we check for any preexisting conditions or allergies and instruct patients on how to safely prepare for their procedures and recover afterwards.

Artistica Cosmetics is the place to go in Canberra if you want a cosmetic tattoo done in the utmost safety and cleanliness. Relax in the knowledge that your health and wellbeing are our top priority under the care of our knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled specialist, Afra. Contact us today to book a consultation and experience the life-altering benefits of our cosmetic tattoo services.